"Your journey begins with Fursah."

Fursah Qoot


Fursah is an Arabic community-based platform that aims to empower the ambitious Saudi youth interested in progressing their career in the F&B industry. The platform uses Arabic as a base language and helps Saudis find full-time or part-time professional jobs based near their residence and based on their skills and experience. It also helps restaurants and cafés in 3 ways:

  1. Put up jobs easier and faster
  2. Focus on the needs of each branch
  3. Raise the localization rate

Register in 3 simple steps

  1. Register your details
  2. Search for jobs by location
  3. Apply for a job suits you
Hand holding phone with Fursah app

Step into the future


Fursah App enables job seekers to create simple and concise profiles and then search for jobs near their place of residence or school.

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App advantages


There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to building a thriving community where people are connected with a common goal:

Handy search

Helps users to find the content they need easily.


The ability to add and adapt to new info quickly.

Personal profile

Users can add a short and straightforward introduction.

Job list

List of careers and job titles to help users to choose the right path.


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