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About us


Our story of success

About us

The Café and Restaurant Association “Qoot” was established in 2019 to contribute to developing the café and restaurant sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Qoot Association was established to serve as a single umbrella that includes all aspects in cafes and restaurants to promote joint action towards achieving change in the sector in the Kingdom.


The values we live by


We believe that the growth of the F&B industry in Saudi Arabia goes hand-in-hand with the social impact that will benefit all the key players within the ecosystem.

Support and advocacy

We support and advocate restaurants and cafes to develop a framework of laws regulating the business environment by building trust with the relevant government agencies.

Creating value

We provide important knowledge and create job opportunities for Saudi talent to stimulate and localize the sector.


We aim to achieve Vision 2030 in the interest of the restaurants and cafes sector that benefits the nation's economy.

Social Responsibility

We launch initiatives and programs that contribute to the sustainable development of the sector.

Transparency and integrity

We are committed to presenting all information and data to our restaurants and cafes sector partners.


Passion motivates us to work continuously to develop the environment for the restaurants and cafes sector.

Our slogan:
Taste the Future

Association Board of Directors


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President's message


“Welcome to Qoot’s Restaurants and Coffee Shops Association. It is my pleasure to welcome you the association’s website that we are launching today as a means of connecting investors and employers within the restaurants and cafes sector. We seek to reach the largest possible segment of those who are interested in becoming part of enhancing this sector within the Kingdom. As an association we aim to support the restaurants and cafes sector and those influenced by it through launching a number of initiatives and programs in cooperation with government entities that related to this sectors’s growth and sustainability.

We established the association since the late of 2018 by bringing together sector leaders representing large restaurants and cafes to initiate the development of the association that focuses on supporting and evolving the sector within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on business excellence and innovation under the umbrella of ‘Qoot Association’.

The association was formalised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development under a licence number (941) for the year 2018. As it has been established the association is keen on working on initiatives to upgrade the sector of restaurant and cafes, it employers and those who are interested in seeking assistance to be part of building this sector in Saudi Arabia.
Welcome once more to our website, we welcome any ideas, suggestions or inputs to help us enrich the association and develop the sector.”

Get in touch

For more information about our work, we welcome you to contact us on:

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